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Michael Chang

My name is Michael Chang, and I’m a new member as of this year. I’m submitting artwork for the first time. Attached are 3 recent artworks.

Michael Chang – Magnolia
Michael Chang – Rendezvous
Michael Chang – Thinking of Vincent
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Lynne Boyer

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe!  Good to see others are staying creative during this hard time. It helps a lot.
My wife and I have been doing our best to adjust to this strange and scary new world.  It’s definitely upset the apple cart, big time.  I’ve been able to paint outside at the very beginning of the shut downs and then again twice this week.  I’ll attach three pieces that I’ve done so far.  
Happy Creating – Lynne 

“Chun’s Reef in Motion”  24” x 36”  Oil on Canvas,  PAU, finished in my studio, started en the plein air!  3/21/2020
Selfie of me painting at Dillingham Ranch on the roadside, 3/31/2020
“North Shore Ranch”  12” x 16”  Oil on Canvas, en-progress, not quite finished yet.  Gonna add a horse rider in the green fields.  3/31/2020
Heeia Boat Harbor, 18” x 24” Today’s start, but needs more work.  4/2/2020
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David Friedman

“Pandemic 2020” (12” X 16”, acrylic)
I hope this image is not too dark, distressing or morbid to take in. My original working titles for the idea were “Sad Earth” or just “COVID-19 Earth”. It does have both aspects. It is frightening. I trust it is also saying more. 
By stepping back (astronomical distancing?), there is a larger perspective to witness, a bigger picture to see. There is no “us” and “them”. We are one. One world. We are all connected. We are all neighbors here. 
We are ALL in this together. Aloha.

David Friedman – Pandemic 2020
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Ji Yangsoon

I am a new member. I have attached three photos of my recent watercolor abstract paintings.

Ji Yangsoon
Ji Yangsoon
Ji Yangsoon
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Yvonne Manipon

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of the work I’m doing about the Coronavirus while we’re all cooped up in our homes. I’ve created a make-shift studio using waterbased paints, mostly acrylic.   These are meditations on the Coronavirus. I’ve created seven paintings in various sizes on panels. I will have nine paintings in the entire series. See images below.   

Yvonne Manipon – Coronavirus Series
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Ruth Curwen Carlson

Fused Glass lamps finished during isolation.-Ruth Curwen Carlson

Ruth Curwen Carlson
Ruth Curwen Carlson
Ruth Curwen Carlson
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Warren Stenberg

Pandemic art by AHA member Warren Sternberg titled “Lahaina Whale Play 1”, 18×24 Oil on Board

Warren Stenberg – Lahaina Whale Play 1
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Alexandra Eyer

Here are some pieces from my “Social Distancing Series.” They are all painted with acrylic markers on 8×10” canvas boards or 11×14” clayboards. Although it’s hard to blend with these markers, they are clean to work with and handy. – Alexandra Eyer

Alexandra Eyer – Morning Surf
Alexandra Eyer – Trees and Trellis
Alexandra Eyer – Working at Home
Alexandra Eyer – Citroen
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Asia Di Antonio

I wanted to share if i could. I have started virtual art classes for children this week to run for the next month through zoom! I have more info on my website, but here are some pictures!

Asia Di Antonio class on Zoom
Class on Zoom
Finished projects
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Linda Umstead

“South Pacific” painted during self quarantine of March 2020.”Pink Torches” part of current HWS Members Show 2020.
Mahalo and aloha! Linda Umstead

Linda Umstead – South Pacific
Linda Umstead – Pink Torches