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MaryAnne Long

When life gives you lemons… (greeting cards with chocolate paint, food color, and lemon slice stencils) – MaryAnne Long

MaryAnne Long Greeting Cards

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Pandemic Art

Edd Tokarz Harnas

“A work in progress.  Even the people in portraits can’t be too safe these days!” -Edd Tokarz Harnas

Edd Tokarz Harnas

Jessica Orfe

Here’s a pandemic inspired drawing :(i may do a color version but i think my black & white drawings are  more my style)

Jessica Orfe

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New Works

Adriana Pizzia Franc

I’ve been busy with creating new art out of old art .An abstract fun layered approach. This piece was my palette, I was about to get rid of it but then I saw potential..Reawakening of creativity again Yey:)♡

Adriana Pizzia Franc

Tanya D’Avanzo

Tanya D’Avanzo

Teresa Shea

Just finishing my painting of Kahaluu, behind the Hygenic store in Kahaluu. My 1st attempt of creating a reflection in a water scene. Surprisingly it was easier than I thought it would be, but not those glorious shimmering clear reflections, some artists are most excellent at producing. I think each new painting is a grand opportunity to learn something new. Hope you like it.
Teresa Shea

Teresa Shea
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Liz Corbin on Zoom

One instructor (Carmen Gardner on Maui) and four students (Oahu, Nevada and Canada) got together virtually for an online watercolor workshop. We painted together in Italy last summer in a workshop led by Carmen. Our first session was on Facebook Messenger (group chat), then we tried Zoom for the second session and that worked better. You can use computer, tablet or phone (although it’s harder because everything is so small). The photos are from our Zoom session. For those who aren’t familiar with Zoom, you can feature one participant as in the first photo (this is Carmen), with the others in the small frames. You can also switch between featuring each participant (sometimes voice activated) or having everyone the same size (second photo). The lilies are my effort – not that great but it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Instructor Carmen Gardner
Group Session on Zoom
Liz Corbin, Watercolor of Lilies
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Linda Umstead – New Works

Here are 3 new paintings from AHA member Linda Umstead. The fourth painting was just completed using a source photo from a friend who lives in LA. “When she saw it posted on Facebook, she wanted to buy it. Fastest I have ever sold any work of art”, Linda Umstead.

Linda Umstead, Polynesian Pearls
Linda Umstead, Blue Lagoon
Linda Umstead, Blue Crush
Linda Umstead, Jasmine in the Rain SOLD
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AHA Announces Wahi Pana Exhibit

AHA is pleased to announce that we were granted one of the 4 spots for exhibits this year at the Linekona Gallery.  This means we get to have an extra event this year! It is unlike anything AHA has undertaken before.  The exhibit is entitled “Wahi Pana: A Sense of Place”.  It has many elements including a historical presentation in Feb/March, a plein air event for 2D and 3D art in March, a biennial panel in April, and the exhibit from May – July.  For more information, make sure to tune into the site we set up for this special opportunity.  it is

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AHA Contemporary Show

For those who missed the latest reception, we have a recap and some photos to share with you.


First of all, we have a few photos of the exhibit.  Fair warning: these were taken before a few final adjustments and tags:


From Suzanne Barnes, Exhibits Chair:

“Greg Pai’s comments on AHA Prize winners:

First Place:
Joe Palmieri: Polo: Very strong composition, dynamic openness and good articulation of shapes. Good values and edges showing spatial dimensionality and good treatment of values and chroma to show foreground and background elements.


Second Place:
David Kingston: Abstract: Strong composition of shapes, lines and values creating a dynamic sense of dimensional movement. Use of color temperature and line evoke a strong sense of spatial depth and movement. Seemingly random strokes and shapes evoke a coherent sense of remnants of the unconscious rising to the surface. Reminiscent of Kandinsky, Chagall and Miro. Very powerful, creative, unique and personal imagery.

Third Place:
Kelly Kimura: Shades of Green: Excellent use of values to show depth and spatial perspective. Strong use of lines and shapes to create a dynamic composition and design. Beautiful sense of the light filtering through the leaves. Excellently executed watercolor.

Honorable Mention:
Edd Harnas: Anamolies of the 20th Century: Powerful portrayal of existential angst
over the paradox of modernism. The composition of the face over a flag-like pattern of shapes and colors suggest a sense of disillusionment with ideology and polemics, resulting in a sense of confusion, anxiety, and anguish bordering on insanity; Very simple but evocative portrait.

Honorable Mention:
Sara Sakakibara: A Village in May: Beautiful composition of shapes and values
denoting a sense of spatial dimensionality. Despite the title, the image evokes a sense of a snow covered village in Winter. Light and whimsical treatment of
surfaces, edges and lines represent a Chagall-esque dreamlike quality that is
very powerful. Contrast of color temperatures and values creates a complex interplay of shapes and spatial complexity.

Honorable Mention:
Brennan Simcock: Birds Sing…  Elegant interplay of lines, shapes and colors to create a dynamic sense of movement and flight. Contrasts in hue and values also create a strong sense of spatial dimensionality and movement. Very poetic use of line and color to evoke a feeling of freedom and movement.

First Place: Three Dimensional
Christina Ubelein: Chaos.Ladder: Evokes a strong sense of the paradox of contemporary existence living in a world of facade and propriety, which is in fact a cage that
masks a sense of escalating chaos inside. Very Escherian quality. evokes a sense of contradiction, confusion and paradox. Placement of what look like small clocks on the floor of the piece create a sense of the pressure of time, escalating the sense of anxiety and anguish with the passing of life. Very skillfully executed piece of sculpture.

Second Place: Three Dimensional
Scott Osborn: Pinao in Space: Just a very beautiful, skillfully crafted, piece of sculpture. Beautiful openness of form and delicacy of technique in the wings and legs. Beautifully executed sculpture.

The show will remain at 1132 Bishop Street (top of the escalator on the Fort Street Mall side) through July 28. There are many excellent pieces on display. Hope you take the time to see the work of our AHA members.”